Thursday, December 15, 2022


This AI wave is still very new, and I don’t fully grasp it in its entirety, but I do fully support the ongoing protest against AI generated art, and the very apparent theft at play. 
Our artwork is being included in datasets used to train these image generators without our consent or compensation. That's theft.
We, as artists, original creators and © owners get zero compensation for the free use of our art. These image generators however, carry a fee to use, and are a very much becoming a commercial product. Someone is making money off of our work. Not cool.
So, until there is an ethically sourced alternative database that fairly and legally compensates artists for the use of their images, I am firmly against AI art.
As it stands today, this is nothing less than a predatory practice and we as artists need to stand up and say no - THIS is is unacceptable.
Our artwork cannot be used without our consent and exploited for someone else's financial or professional gain, and we deserve to be contacted, be provided the option to give our permission or say no,  and be appropriately compensated when our art is used. 
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