Where I teach

As a proud FCAD faculty member at Seneca College, in The School of Creative Arts & Animation, I work in the following programs, delivering these subjects.


Term 03, Character design: CHR331 - Character development
Term 04, Character design: CHR431 - Advanced


Term 02, Visual development 01- CHR: ILS218
Term 03, Visual development 02 - LOC: ILS318
Term 04, Visual development Specialization STR: ILS404


Term 02, Drawing 02 - AFD282


** Along with my teaching responsibilities, I am also proudly involved in some of the subject and program builds for programs like Animation and Illustration.


The Virtual Classroom
Yep, things are different.., but not in a bad way.

Covid-19 has tested everyone, including educators, and most definitely changed the way we do things, but has also really shown what we CAN do, when we simply MUST. Personally, I think a lot of good has come from so much bad. Speaking personally, during the last many months I have found new approaches, efficiencies and methods of subject delivery I never would've explored without the current pandemic-push, to do so.
We've been working constantly over the last year or so, initially transitioning to online classes and critiques, supported by real-time draw-overs along with the addition of more asynchronous learning content, makes learning more manageable and less stressful for the students. Now we're just finding ways to do it all even better. 
Seneca has been incredibly supportive for faculty, supplying all the support (of all kinds) both faculty and students could possibly require, from the office of the President, to Deans, Chairs and Coordinators! #SenecaProud
In addition to the above mentioned evolution in subject delivery, reduced /refined workload (quality over quantity) and drop-in feedback sessions throughout virtual class time are just a few ways we're meeting this opportunity - head on. Thinking from the perspective of our students has been a guiding principal throughout.
Like Seneca, I view this moment very much as an opportunity to grow and evolve beyond what was and become better. Do better. To make this experience a more positive, robust and fun time for our students and alumni to look back on, and feel good about, despite the times we're all in right now!
Don't get me wrong - I'd much prefer being back in the studio with all my amazing students. We'd all would prefer that. You simply cannot replicate that dynamic, but we are still very much a tight, inclusive and welcoming virtual community and I still get butterflies before every class. 

For current students, school looks and feels differently from the past, but rest assured all Seneca administration and faculty have been working hard collaborating feverishly throughout SCAA, including AFD, ILS and ANI programs since March 2019 (when stuff went sideways) to ensure we continue to deliver a top-notch, dynamic and fulfilling online learning experience for our students. We're not just doing fine - we're doing well!!

Ahh, the good old days!.. We'll see each other again - NOT on a screen.

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It's a great privilege to teach. I consider myself most fortunate to be just one of the incredible artist/educators that teach and mentor these talented and creative young artists each day. I love doing what I do and being on the ground floor of this artistic journey with these fine folks. It's a great honor I take very seriously.

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Collaborating with these artists on a daily basis, helping them get where they want to go, is truly a labor of love and the reason why I am here. With 26+ years industry experience under my belt, and 19+ years teaching, I am uniquely qualified to mentor and guide each of my students on their specific chosen career path.

Used with permission |  ©  seandecory.com  |   all rights reserved        
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Used with permission |  ©  seandecory.com  |   all rights reserved

I also take great pride in celebrating our alumni successes and bragging about our graduates to pretty much whoever will listen.

There's just no feeling on this earth like the satisfaction and pride you get as you watch your former student's names scrolling in the credits of a feature film or on TV. 

That same feeling, when you get to put your hard-earned money down on the counter, buying a comic or children's book that they worked on. It gives me a great swell of pride like no other.  

They made it! They're living their dream. I had a very small hand in helping them achieve that success. That's what makes all the work so worth it. When people ask me what I've worked on lately, I drop a long list of films, cartoons and comics that my students have worked on. (drops mic)

Enough about my perspective. To get a sense of what previous students thought of their time spent with me, please feel free to check out some generous Alumni testimonials here.


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