How I work

Step 01 - Upon initial contact, all pertinent aspects of the work in question are discussed. Everything from subject matter, theme, end usage, stylistic approach, colour as well as any potential copy requirements are covered. Time-frames, budget and copyright are determined prior to the issue of your estimate. All information gathered to this point is taken into consideration when generating your estimate. Included in your estimate are three rounds of notes/ revisions.

Step 02 - Now that I have all the critical information, I carefully assemble and send your estimate for approval. At this time a 1/3 retainer fee is required via interac e-transfer, please. Once the estimate has been approved and retainer fee is received, work begins!


Step 03 - Next, you are presented with WIPs (works in progress) versions of your design/ illustration work. Now I wait for your feedback, comments and any direction you may have. The quicker I hear back, the quicker the work goes. All process work for client review will be provided as 72 dpi, watermarked PNG files.


Step 04 - After you have reviewed your WIPs, notes and revisions are discussed and a final direction is set. I promptly get back to work!


Step 05 - Revised work is now sent back to you for final approval. Please make every effort at this point to review the work with great care, as Step 06 will be delivery of final work.


Step 06 - Final artwork is delivered. Final invoice is issued. All done!


Balance of payment is respectfully requested within 30 days of final delivery.


Please note: 

After final approval has been provided in writing and the work is delivered, any changes requested will of course be made in a timely fashion - no fuss, no muss. These changes will be billed as additional, at the agreed upon rate. 


Questions?.. Ask away!


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