Thursday, September 14, 2017

OIAF 2017

Hey Ottawa Peeps, I'm gonna be in your neck o the woods next week!

Hoping to see your wonderful mugs soon!

See ya,
 - graves

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

FALL 2017 schedule

Above is my schedule for the Fall 2017 semester.

I'll be in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays this semester, starting as close to 7:30am each day, as is possible. Thursdays & Fridays this semester will be left open for evaluation and some projects I'm working on.

Gonna be a good one folks - Can't wait!!!

- graves

Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Holidays!


Hola Everyone!
As of today, I am now on a non-teaching summer taking some much needed time for family and fun. 
All to say I'll be "off the grid" and very much unavailable by email until September folks. I’ll update doodles etc. once the dust has settled and time permits in the fall. After the "less than stellar" school year that was last year for me - I am very much looking forward to a fresh start with a great new group  of talented Animation/Illustration students in September. 

* To those students starting CHR331 in the fall, I was available all of May and June for advisement - 3 students contacted me. Unfortunately the rest will have to pitch what they have in the fall - sorry.

Cheers Y'all!
- graves