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Character design References


Below are some talented designers and concept artists worth taking a good look at. Enjoy.


Dan Milligan

Deanna Marsigliese

Colin Jack

Lubor Arsov

Nico Marlet

Jose Lopez

Sandro Leuzo

Minkyu Lee

Kristen McCabe

Jason Deamer

Cory Loftis

Steven Silver

Sean Galloway

Sandford Greene

Victoria Ying

Pascal Campion

Mingjue Helen Chen

Ryan Lang

Zac Retz

Raphael Lacoste

Nick Hiatt

Darek Zabrocki

Sergio Chavez

St├ęphane Wootha Richard

Marco Bucci

Armand Serrano 


Freelancing tips & refs: 

Should I work for Free?  - by Jessica Hishe

What is Spec Work? 

When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free 

The Vendor Client relationship

Some great things to think about - by Jessica Hishe

Never get ripped off! - by Maria Brophy


F.U. Pay me! - The great Harlan Ellison tells it like it is.


WALKING DEAD MOTION COMIC - Just `cause it's so dang cool.

More to come,

- graves

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