Friday, January 05, 2024


Hey there,

A big, warm welcome back to returning and brand new students - WELCOME!! 🎉

As you can see, there's not much here. The reason for that is that over the past four-plus years I've been heavily involved in the creation of a brand-spankin' new Animation Program at Seneca Polytechnic. It's been a lot, but thanks to the incredible hard work and dedication of our absolutely extraordinary faculty, it's up n running and performing well!!

I am now back from a much needed holiday break and ready to hit the road, running!!

This term is especially exciting for me, in that along with delivering our Visual Development Specialization subject in the Illustration program, I will also be delivering two brand new (to me) subjects in our brand new Animation program. (I'm soooo stoked)

As Curriculum Coordinator for Animation | ANIV, I will remain focused on it's year two roll-out, and continued year three course/content development, for duration of the winter, and well into Summer 2024. 

When all the curriculum building is completed in June 2024 and the dust settles, it's my plan to get back doing more of what I teach, both in the form of personal project work, and more industry-based design work.I love teaching, don't get me wrong. 

But I do miss doing the work. The "Doing" is fun too!

Okay, update/ rant complete. Happy new year! 🎉

See you around,

- graves

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