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What is Sketch Jam ® ?
It’s an afternoon/evening drawing event consisting of character harvest during the afternoon and meet up at a pub at the end of the day. Jam’s take place each December/April, at the end of the semester. A relaxing end to a busy semester and a great start to the school break.

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Why Jam?
Sketch Jam ® is a great opportunity to draw with peers, professors, alumni and other animation and illustration professionals for the day, and hang out for the evening in a casual setting. Not to mention the networking opportunity it presents.
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 Past locations have included
The Toronto Eaton Centre via the P.A.T.H System

Sometimes we just ride the subway and harvest – you get the idea.
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The “Jammy” Challenge ®
Each Sketch Jam ®, the current Jammy winner® presents a challenge and judges the results, then awards the Jammy ® to the individual that best rises to their challenge.
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The winner receives the much-coveted Jammy award! 

It is now that individuals responsibility to continue the tradition dating back to 2004, and deliver a challenge of their own at the next Jam.The last Jam was back on April 22nd 2017. Sketch Jam ® is all about having fun and hanging out with friends and making new ones in the industry we are all a part of. You should come out and play one of these days!

Next Sketch Jam ®

It's on folks!

As always I am excited to see everyone out for this yearly tradition..

That said, I'm making some changes to Sketch Jam®, starting with this upcoming event. Instead of holding it in December, I've decided to hold the Jam in the second week of the new year in order to better ensure EVERYONE can participate. Many students have to travel home right after the semester ends or have other family obligations due to the season. Alumni have other work parties they have/want to attend. AND last but certainly not least, I want to be more inclusive of the incoming January ANI and ILU students in order that they may enjoy the fun and benefits of Sketch Jam®.

I can only do one a year, I wanna make the most of it!

What a great way to start the new year together!!

Check out all the details here:

See you there,
- graves

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