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What is Sketch Jam ® ?
It’s an afternoon/evening drawing event consisting of character harvest during the afternoon and meet up at a pub at the end of the day. Jam’s take place each December/April, at the end of the semester. A relaxing end to a busy semester and a great start to the school break.

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Why Jam?
Sketch Jam ® is a great opportunity to draw with peers, professors, alumni and other animation and illustration professionals for the day, and hang out for the evening in a casual setting. Not to mention the networking opportunity it presents.
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 Past locations have included
The Toronto Eaton Centre via the P.A.T.H System

Sometimes we just ride the subway and harvest – you get the idea.
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The “Jammy” Challenge ®
Each Sketch Jam ®, the current Jammy winner® presents a challenge and judges the results, then awards the Jammy ® to the individual that best rises to their challenge.
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The winner receives the much-coveted Jammy award! 

It is now that individuals responsibility to continue the tradition dating back to 2004, and deliver a challenge of their own at the next Jam.The last Jam was back on April 22nd 2017. Sketch Jam ® is all about having fun and hanging out with friends and making new ones in the industry we are all a part of. You should come out and play one of these days!

Next Sketch Jam ® will be held: 


More info to follow..

- graves

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