What I do

Since 1995 I have proudly provided original custom character design/ vis dev and Illustration services for a diverse range of needs, for an equally diverse range of industries and businesses, including marketing/ advertising, children's publishing, 2D design for animation and game development and comics. 
My work focus for the last 10 years has been Character design & Visual development for animation and gaming. Much of that work, unfortunately  cannot be posted here, due to NDAs. Sorry. 
There's a few samples below, but an update is underway that will provide a more vast sense of what I do. (Stay`tooned)
When it comes to working with my clients, I listen carefully and work hard to meet your specific needs in an innovative way that is bold, unique and attention grabbing!
- Any kind of work on spec basis. This is what I do for a living.
- I will design for animation but do not offer animation as a service.  
- I don't do porn. Not a prude. Just not my jam - Please don't ask.
Below I have included a few samples of some commercial work. Due to NDAs, most of the work I have done cannot be posted here.
Mural for BACARDI - just a few characters in this one! 
The mural space.

CHR design for the CFL - Fantasy Freaks (CFL Fantasy Football)

"Not only have I had the pleasure to know Jim for over 20 years but we have collaborated on numerous projects in our professional lives. Jim brings enthusiasm, insight and passion to his projects and larger than life ideas to the ideation process. An asset to any creative team. Simply one of the best in the industry - he wows my clients - he gels with my agency teams and is a riot to work with!"
Brent Wees
Strategist / Keynote Speaker / Coach at idea.meet.plan
  • Joe Boxer Apparel - Underwear/ PJ design
  • Bacardi Canada - mural design
  • Unilever Canada - character design/ print campaign
  • The CFL - character design/ Interactive characters for promo
  • Hot Wheels Canada - character designs for interactive game
  • Abbot labs - character design / print campaign
  • Air Transat - character designs/ training campaign
  • Rubicon publishing - character design/ kids illustration/graphic novel(s)
  • SC Johnson - character design/ interactive campaign
  • Scholastic Kids - character design/ kids illustration/book
  • Bayard Press (owl, chirp, chickadee kids magazines)
  • Puma Canada - character designs for clothing launch
  • General Mills - interactive game character/environment design 
... As well as extensive contract work with advertising/ marketing agencies and animation studios over the years.
Glade, Moody Girls for SC Johnson

Apparel designs for JOE BOXER  
So, whether you're a writer with great a story that needs pictures, or a studio that requires visual development and design work for a cartoon or game... 
Maybe you're a children's publisher in need of dynamic illustrations for a magazine or kids book. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you too! 

Have questions... lets talk.



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