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Mural for BACARDI - just a few characters in this one!
The mural space.


I provide original custom illustration and design for a diverse range of needs.
  • Character design for animation/ gaming... YOU NAME IT!
  • Production design/ story art 
  • Children’s illustration
I listen carefully and work hard to meet your specific needs in an innovative way that is bold, attention grabbing and on time.

CHR design for the CFL - Fantasy Freaks (CFL Fantasy Football)


  • Bacardi Canada - mural design
  • Joe Boxer Apparel - Underwear/ PJ design
  • Unilever Canada - character design/ print campaign
  • The CFL - character design/ Interactive characters for promo
  • Hot Wheels Canada - character designs for interactive game/ online apps
  • Abbot labs - character design / print campaign
  • Air Transat - character designs/ training campaign
  • Rubicon publishing - character design/ kids illustration/graphic novel(s)
  • SC Johnson - character design/ interactive campaign
  • Scholastic Kids - character design/ kids illustration/book
  • Bayard Press (owl, chirp, chickadee kids magazines)
  • Puma Canada - character designs for clothing launch
  • General Mills - interactive game character/environment design 
As well as extensive contract work with agencies and animation studios over the years.
Glade, Moody Girls for SC Johnson
  • Any kind of work on spec basis. This is what I do for a living.
  • I will design for animation but do not offer animation as a service.  
  • I don't do porn. Not a prude. Just not my jam - Please don't ask.
  • AND.. I don't relinquish my rights without being fairly compensated.
Apparel designs for JOE BOXER  


Step 1
Upon initial contact, all pertinent aspects of the project are discussed
prior to delivery of estimate including: subject matter, end usage, style/approach, colour, copy requirements, time-frames, budget, retainer fee and copyrights. 

Step 2
Once I have all the information, you will be emailed your estimate for approval. When the estimate is accepted the creative process can begin.

At this point a 1/3 retainer is required.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to expedite the commencement of work and to avoid any Interruptions in workflow during the job, this deposit and any subsequent payments are requested to be paid via INTERAC, e-transferIn the case that multiple payments are required a mutually agreed upon payment schedule will be established prior to step 3.

Step 3
Shortly after the deposit has been received you are presented with WIPs (works-in-progress) version of your illustration(s)/design work. From there I wait for feedback and/or direction.

Step 4
Once the WIPs are reviewed and feedback is supplied, revisions are made and you are supplied with the revised work for final review. Now I wait for final feedback.

Step 5
Based on final feedback, final artwork is completed. Digital files are delivered, along with the final invoice. The balance is kindly requested to be paid no more than 30 days after delivery. * If this cannot be done, please discuss it with me prior to  step 5 - thanks!


When you hire me you are paying for:

1 - My experience, my time and my skills in developing the Characters/ Illustrations you want.

2 - The rights to use the Final product it as you see fit, based of course on whatever usage rights we agree upon.

When you hire me, you get me. I do not outsource or farm out the work. 
My clients are paying for my time and hard work on their specific project at an agreed rate, or flat fee, clearly outlined in the estimate that they have approved in advance of work. 

No surprises. Easy-peezy!  :)

BOTTOM LINE: - My process work is mine. I do not sign over the rights to that work. Ever.
                           - Once paid for, the final product is all yours.
                           - Rights buy-out is for Final product only.

So, whether you're a big studio or a small one. An established agency or a start up. 

Or... maybe you're a writer with an idea for a story that needs pictures? 

Whatever your scenario - if you're looking for story art, cartoon illustration and character design work - lets talk.

Talk soon!

- graves 

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