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Below are some previous student reviews from my  original RMP page, before it was maliciously and anonymously attacked in an attempt to besmirch my reputation. 
That is to say, some bitter individuals tried to.. 
bring discredit to, and in general ruin my good name.
They did so by posting some very slanderous and downright false statements about me in a forum in which I could not respond or defend myself. (brave)

After all these years as an artist and educator, it would take a lot more than a few nasty and poorly composed comments, written by cowards and left anonymously online, to phase me.  
I just felt compelled to provide you with the original reviews, as opposed to the nasty ones on RMP now. 
Here's how I work: 
You try, produce and dedicate. 
I have your back and support you in achieving your goals. Period. 
The folks who anonymously attacked me, thought they deserved an A because they paid to take the course.  Not the case (ever). You work for it, with me. You learn with me. I demand that you live up to what YOU are capable of. My expectations of my students are high. 
I believe in my students and their ability.
I would challenge you to make your own mind up, based on YOUR experience, not hearsay and rumors generated by former students who didn't like their final grade or my level of professional honesty. 
You have a mind of your own and are not a lemming, who simply follows others blindly, basing YOUR decisions on THEIR opinions, are you? Make your own call.
Either way, still here and still me, 
- graves

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