How I work

"A cheap artist is rarely good. A good artist is rarely cheap"

What you pay: 
For my time, experience and visual art services, including Visual development, Character design, Story art and Children's illustration, I charge a set rate between $85 - $100/ hr. CDN  * Flat rates for specific jobs are of course available upon request.
Too much?
What's your hourly rate?.. What's your time worth?.. (before you question mine?)  
My Dad always said "If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it" - Sage advice.
* NOT FOR PROFIT - That's another story. Let's talk.

What you get:
When you hire me, you're getting me. I never outsource work. Ever.
You're paying for a visual process consisting of several stages that eventually culminates in your final product. A visual, evolutionary journey, if you will. You are paying for the rights to that final product and to do with it what you will.
You get the full force and benefit of my 25+ years experience, skill and expertise in Visual development, Character design, Story art and Children's illustration. I listen carefully to understand your specific needs. Then, I deliver on those needs on time, every time.

What you don't get:
At no time should it be assumed that you're purchasing the rights to the above mentioned process work, roughs and research. No working production work is ever part of any agreement. Once paid for, the finished product is all yours. Process work remains mine. Easy.

How you get it: In 6 Easy Steps!

Step 01 - Upon initial contact, all pertinent aspects of the work in question are discussed. Everything from subject matter, theme, end usage, stylistic approach, colour as well as any potential copy requirements are covered. Time-frames, budget and copyright are determined prior to the issue of your estimate. All information gathered to this point is considered when generating your estimate. Included in your estimate are three rounds of notes/ revisions. Beyond that, you will be made aware that any extra time will be billed as additional, and will appear as such on your final invoice. 

Step 02 - Now that I have all the critical information, I assemble and send your estimate for approval. At this time a 1/3 retainer fee is required via interac e-transfer, please. Once the estimate has been approved and retainer fee is received, work begins!

* Your estimate is carefully assembled based on all current information provided at the time of issue. If the parameters of the work in question changes for any reason, no big deal. Work will briefly stop while a revised estimate is immediately issued for your approval. Work will promptly resume once the new estimate has been approved.

Step 03 - Fast forward through many hours of concentrated effort, you are presented with WIP (works in progress) versions of your design/ illustration work. Now I wait for your feedback, comments and any direction you may have.

Step 04 - After you have had time to review your WIP work, revisions are discussed and a direction is set. I get back to work!

Step 05 - Once the revisions have been completed, the work is now sent out for final approval. Please make every effort at this point to review your work with care, as Step 06 will be delivery of final work. 

Please note: After final approval is given and the work is completed, any "after approval" changes requested will of course be made in a timely fashion - no fuss, no muss. These revisions will be billed as additional, at the agreed upon hourly rate on your final invoice.

Step 06 - Final artwork is delivered. Final invoice is issued. All done!

Balance of payment is respectfully requested within 30 days of final delivery.
So, whether you're a writer with a story that needs pictures, a studio that requires visual development and design work, or a children's publisher in need of dynamic illustration.. Let's talk!

Talk soon!
- graves

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