Thursday, September 01, 2022


Very excited to be cautiously headed back to school IN PERSON on September 6th, and seeing some wonderfully familiar faces, and meeting all my new (to me) students in Animation and Illustration! 
Out of caution and consideration for my students and fellow faculty, I will be remaining masked and would appreciate the same consideration in return. A reminder, that masks are still required in classrooms, labs and instructional spaces. 
The halls in the AAC are more narrow than most hallways at Seneca, so masks should also be worm in the AAC. I for one would greatly appreciate this being observed. - Thank you!

I'm stoked for the incredible adventure we're about to embark upon, together. 

It's gonna be great!!! 

If anyone needs to find me - this is where I'll be!

Here's to a great Fall term!


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