Monday, February 21, 2022


Very excited for this upcoming second-half of our term! 

Come week 8, we'll be safely back in studio, doing what we do, together! 
This is great news, for everyone! We'll of course continue to follow Seneca health protocols, including keeping our distance and continuing to wear masks for one another, while inside and outside Seneca campus facilities.
I for one, have missed being at the College, and in studio - with my amazing, creative people! I'm looking forward to getting back to working in-person with you all, again!
I'm also really excited that come March, I have been given the opportunity to lead another robust and exciting subject in ILS - Children's Illustration!
I can't wait to meet all my "new-to-me" ILS-2 students, (whom which, I've heard crazy-good-things about) as we embark on an exciting and fulfilling  second-half, together... Gonna be fun, folks! 😃
Also wanna throw a shout-out to my CHR431 C-Class, as they had their class moved in order for me to be able to deliver the above mentioned ILS224 classes. Thank you.

So, if you need to find me, here's where I'll be folks!

Here's to a great second-half of our term!


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