Tuesday, December 29, 2020




Hope this finds everyone well rested and ready to make some incredible art together!!!

This is just a quick update for incoming Winter 2021 ANI & ILS students. 


All my Winter 2021 subject content for the following SCAA subjects will be available on Blackboard by/before Friday, January. 8th, for student review, prior to week one classes. Please do take some time to review.

Winter 2021 subjects include:

  • IILS218 -Vis-Dev 01 - CHR (two groups)
  • ILS404 - Vis-Dev Specialization - STR
  • CHR431 – CHARACTER DESIGN ADVANCED (three groups)

All students will receive a "welcome email" from me on, or before January 11th, noting class time and what to expect on day one. It will also containing a zoom class invite for our first class together. 


This email invite will occur every Friday! New (to me) Students will also receive a W3 form to fill out. Those of you who are "new to me", please ensure your W3 has been completed and emailed back to me before January 11th, 9am. (Thanks so much!!)


We will be using Blackboard for content and assignment submission. We’ll use zoom for our classes. We will meet at the same time weekly via zoom for our classes together.


Please do try to take some time before we meet to look around your fully populated subject on Blackboard, and be prepared to review our subject ONE_DOC, located in course documents.

Looking fwd to seeing you all soon – Hope the break was a good one!!!


2021 is gonna be great! – Let’s do this!


Play safe! 

- graves


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