Thursday, May 14, 2020



As you can see from the lack of updates, I've been a bit slammed here. Not just since Covid-19 hit, but since 2020 began, with program development. Exciting things ahead!

I did wanna take a moment and welcome all my new (to me) students, as we prepare to work together, online for the first time. We're gonna have fun! It's gonna be different, but fun too! Imagine - going to school in your jammies EVERYDAY!! ;)

I have but one rule: Everyone wears pants. Thanks!

But seriously, Covid-19 has most definitely changed the way we do things, but has also really shown what we CAN do, when we simply MUST. Personally, I think it was a good kick in our collective comfort zone. I have found efficiencies and methods of delivery I never would've explored without the current pandemic-push to do so.

For incoming students, this semester will look and feel differently, but rest assured, Seneca faculty have been working hard collaborating feverishly together since our winter semester ended, to ensure we deliver to our returning students a dynamic and robust online learning experience this summer.

I can say from my own personal experience that I have worked very hard transitioning all my subjects from on-site, in-person classes to online and feel that other than that "face-to-face" dynamic, (which I do love, and WILL miss) it's all there.

All my updated subject content for the following SCAA subjects will be available on Blackboard by/before Sunday May 17th, for student review prior to week one classes.
  • AFD282 - Drawing 2
  • ILS218 -Vis-Dev 01 - CHR
  • ILS318 -Vis-Dev 02 - LOC
  • CHR231 - Character Construction
All students will receive a "welcome email" on Sunday noting class time, what to expect on day one, followed shortly after by an email, containing a zoom invite for our class together. 

Please do try to take some time before we meet to look around your fully populated subject and be prepared to review our subject ONE_DOC, which will be located in course documents.

This really is going to an exciting time, filled with new technical challenges and hiccups along the way, and I look forward to facing all of them together. We got this! 

See you all soon!
- graves

PS - Stay home/ stay safe/ wash yer hands.

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