Thursday, August 29, 2019

My first day of school, 1974!
- Starting off on the right foot:
I’m so excited for the coming semester with all of you! - Hope you are too!!! Next to SKETCH JAM in January, this is my very favorite time of the year!!!

As we embark on a new semester together, I begin with a great swell of positivity and motivation to ensure you achieve your CHR and Vis-Dev goals. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!!

My assumption is that you too are motivated, skilled and are ready to push those existing skills to the next level and have been well prepared for the coming semester, as I've either heard great things about your class from other teachers, or I have worked with the rest of you first-hand last semester, or even prior.  

My thinking is this: You didn't get here through sheer luck. You are here because you have worked hard to be here and are serious about your craft. I am serious about your success too.

All that said - I’m sure you’ve also heard "things" from students or read about me online prior to now. Some good, some bad... Whatever it has been, positive or negative, it matters not to me. Believe what you choose...

My policy is to always give the benefit of the doubt, so I am also assuming that You are an evolved, intelligent, thinking individual with your own ideas and are quite capable of generating your own opinions. 

- What it all comes down to:
If you do your best in my classes, you’ll find you’ll get more than enough out of our time together, and that you will be well prepared for the industry you’ve chosen to join. 

To make it easier, please consider the following survival tips.

·      Communicate. If you need help - ask. I’m here for you. (in person or via email)
·       Going to be late or absent, email me before class, please. (professionalism)
·       Always read your addendum and all briefs provided.
·       Apply suggested revisions. Take given direction. 
·       Be on time each class prepared to work. Show up late, and we may not see each other :(
·       Ask questions - I’m always happy to answer questions galore.
·       Check Blackboard and Seneca email (regularly please)
·       Utilize me as the resource I am. I am here to help and you’re paying for it folks.
·       Use the in-studio time provided each week for our subject work (not for other subjects)
·       My approach is that of art direction. Usually one on one or in a small group as needed.
·       No evaluation form submitted. No evaluation returned. (fair enough)
·       Have a question about a grade, please read your comments before approaching me.

- In closing:
There will be times when I will push and challenge you as much as I think you can handle. Not more.
I don't do this just for the sake of it, but rather to provide an opportunity or avenue of exploration that you may not have considered investigating. 

Twenty-four years industry experience has taught me a lot of things, including that you should always take advise from those who have/are doing what you wanna do. I won't send you down a rabbit hole, promise.

You may not like it at the time, but please believe that my priority is always to best prepare you well by assisting you in creation of a series of strong, portfolio-worthy pieces and to ensure you are fully prepared to compete out there. 

Some of you will have no trouble with the subjects, others will require more time and assistance from me. Cool. Everyone learns differently and do so in different ways and speeds. I'm good with that. 
I will be here for you as much or as little as needed. My goals are very much about your success. I want you to get where you wanna go. 

Now, not everyone is a designer or even wants to be. That's fine. I don’t demand that everyone is a CHR/ Vis-Dev Superstar, but I do insist that everyone be competent and clearly demonstrates all  required learning outcomes for each subject. I will work with you, but you will not "just pass" my subjects. If you are not ready, I promise you I will not promote you. I don't work like that. I owe you that. You will earn the credit, know you are qualified and feel the pride that comes with it. 

Work hard with me. Deliver quality deliverables, complete and on time. Do these things, and you're just fine. I will do everything I can on my end. 

You will get as much (or as little) out of this semester as you put in. Fact.

With respect,
 - graves

"If you're going to doubt something, doubt your limits." - Kamiri

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